GMAX Series
GMAX is Gpixel's global shutter sensor family, designed to take full advantage of high-speed industrial camera interfaces while providing the performance and features required for imaging-as-measurement applications like factory inspection, automation, traffic monitoring and aerial mapping. In the GMAX portfolio, Gpixel offers global shutter pixel sizes ranging from 2.5 µm to 4.6 µm and resolutions from 2.4 MP to 152 MP. Four C-Mount compatible sensors utilizing a 2.5 µm pixel are pin and footprint compatible for easy integration.
Global Shutter
High Speed
43MP 2.8 μm 1" global shutter image sensor
The 43MP GMAX0806 delivers high resolution global shutter images at 17 fps in a cost-effective APS-C optical format, making it ideal for a broad range of inspection applications. In standard imaging mode the sensor provides 66 dB of dynamic range. With its low 1.6 e- read noise and low, highly uniform dark current, the GMAX0806 is also well matched for low light imaging applications like DNA sequencing. At full resolution and full speed, the power dissipated is less than 1 W. 12bit data is delivered via 18 pairs of sLVDS channels. The sensor is assembled in a 183-pin micro-PGA package for excellent reliability and heat dissipation and is available in both monochrome and Bayer versions.
  • Key features and Benefits

    High resolution in standard optical format

    Cost effective

    Low noise global shutter

  • Package Drawing
  • Block Diagram
  • QE Curve
  • Resolution

    43 MP

    Nr of Active Pixels

    7915 (H) x 5436 (V)

  • Optical format


    Pixel size

    2.8μm x 2.8μm

  • photosensitive area

    22.16 mm x 15.22 mm

    Shutter type

    Global shutter

  • Peak QE

    61.7% (mono with microlens)

    Full well capacity


  • Parasitic Light Sensitivity

    <-70 dB

    Temporal noise

    1.6 e‾

  • Angular response

    > 8° (80% response)

    Dark Current

    1 e‾/pixel/sec @ 33°C

  • Dynamic Range

    66 dB

    Max Frame rate

    17 fps@12 bit

  • Max. SNR



    12 bit

  • Output format

    9 ch sub-LVDS

    Channel multiplexing

    9 ch sub-LVDS

  • Max. Data rate

    9.0 Gbps


    Mono,RGB Color

  • Power consumption

    1 W

    Supply voltage

    3.3V (analog), 1.35V(digital)

  • Package

    183 pins micro-PGA (27.95 mm x 35.00 mm)



Product Number
  • GMAX0806-DM
    Monochrome, microlens, ceramic 183 pins μPGA, Sealed D 263® T eco glass with no AR coating
  • GMAX0806-DC
    Bayer color, microlens, ceramic 183 pins μPGA, Sealed D 263® T eco glass with no AR coating
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